A Las Vegas Magic Show in your Living Room!

During this time of social distancing, where we can’t meet face to face, Professional Magician Matt Szat is helping combat Zoom Fatigue with a special virtual meeting experience unlike any other live streaming event you’ve ever seen. Featuring mind blowing magic tricks, sleight of hand and mind reading, this interactive live performance is a personalized experience that enables you to connect with friends, family and co-workers from anywhere in the world in a safe and fun way!

Matt’s Zoom magic show is one of the most unique forms of entertainment you can have for your virtual birthday parties, corporate conference calls, virtual happy hours, family gatherings or any other online meetup or virtual conference on Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.

Matt has performed his interactive virtual magic tricks for companies and people all across the globe from Dubai to Australia, London, New York City, California and everything in-between! This family friendly magic show is the ultimate virtual event solution. It is enjoyed by both adults and kids alike and is customizable for your needs, running anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

Interactive, surprising and flat-out fun for every single person!

Magician matt szat causes a spectator to throw their hands up in disbelief with a virtual magic trick

Unique Entertainment

Already seen everything on Netflix and Hulu? There is no other live virtual entertainment like an interactive virtual magic show for Zoom. Each show can be customized to suit special occasions, celebrations or virtual corporate events. From families of four to conference calls with 100s of executives, no meeting is too big or too small.

Interactive Magic

You’ll never have to worry about the screen stopping anyone from participating in Matt’s interactive mind reading and magic show. Using their video cameras, microphones and the chat feature, guests will have a chance to interact with Matt live and impact the outcome of each show.

Click & Watch

Matt has streamlined the entire process to ensure it’s as easy for you and your guests as possible. You can choose to have Matt host the event, allowing you to just log in, sit back, and enjoy. Or, you can also choose to have Matt join your video calls as a special or surprise guest.
No matter what option you choose, Matt handles everything!
THANK YOU!!! That was a f****ng blast and you are amazing.

You’re a literal demon sorcerer. What the F***!

Matt was insane. He blew our minds. Can’t wait for our next virtual party to have him again.

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